Play for the name on the front of your Jersey, Not the name on the Back!!

We are looking for a pitcher for the 2017 season.  If you would like to tryout for our family, please contact me to discuss.                                 


2017 18U Avalanche Team!

#  3      Anna Seiders                   Shortstop

#  6      Kirstyn Walters            Left Field

#  7      Bri Rhoades                     Pitcher

#12     Natalee Buckley           First Base

#13     Rebecca Fischer           3rd / Pitcher

#16     Miranda Pittman            Right Field / First Base

#19     Kayla Miller                    Second base

#21     Kalyn Shearer               Center Field

#31     Brinley Foreman           Catcher 

#33     Ashley Smith                   Catcher / 3rd 

#99     Nicole Ditzler                Pitcher


           Coaching Staff

                                 Head Coach:     James Ruff

                                   Asst coach:    Jamie Buckley

                                   Asst coach:    Gene Ditzler