Play for the name on the front of your Jersey, Not the name on the Back!!



2016 Avalanche Banquet 

Coach Jim presented new embroidered sweatshirts to the Avalanche sisters.

Both on the field and off these ladies are not a just a team they are family.

Coach Jim with Ashley Macedo and Jamie Bolig

Coach Jim presented a small token from the Avalanche organization to mark the many years of dedication that Ashley and Jamie had given to the team.  As they continue to move into their adult lives, these bracelets remind them that they are a part of Avalanche family forever.   


# 8 Jamie Bolig  - Pitcher

Jamie Bolig has been pitching for the team for many years.  This past year she has had one of the best seasons on the mound.  Not to mention, she also is one of the most consistent batters in the Avalanche line up. When Jamie was smiling on the mound, you know she was going to put strikes on the book or when batting she was going to crack one to the outfield.   

We will miss you Jamie and your million dollar smile!!!!   You will always be in our hearts and we wish you luck as you pursue your education and career.  Remember: you are always a part of the Avalanche Family!


#22   Ashley "Tiny" Macedo -  Center field

Ashley “Tiny” Macedo has been within this organization for many years.  However don’t let the nick name of “Tiny” fool you; an awesome ball player, team motivator, our leadoff hitter, not to mention our co-captain.  She may be able to play for a little while longer “we can only hope”, but if not please remember that #22 is always here for you.


 We wish you all the luck and you will be missed…..